How Often Should Flooring Be Replaced?

February 3, 2023

If you’re wondering when to buy new flooring, you’re not alone. You may look at your floors and worry that they may be at the end of their life, or you may just not like how they currently look and think they need a refresh.

Whatever your flooring dilemma, All American Carpet Inc can give you the insight you need about when to replace your floors and how long flooring generally lasts. And don’t worry; we aren’t just experts on carpets. We have a deep understanding of a range of flooring styles.

How Often Do Floors Need To Be Replaced?

Each flooring type will have a different lifespan, and the lifespan will also depend on how your floors are used. For example, high-traffic floors will wear more quickly, or improperly cared-for floors will age faster. Families with pets and children may experience heavier use than a young couple without kids. The general time spans are estimated, so the actual longevity of your floor will vary.

  • Carpet: 7-10 years
  • Harwood: 8-12 years, can be refinished
  • Tile: Can last decades but is prone to breakage and chipping
  • Stone: Can last more than 100 years
  • Luxury Vinyl Planks and Laminate: up to 25 to 30, but quality varies greatly with these floors. Cheap laminate may only last a few years.

When To Replace Flooring

When deciding if you want to replace your flooring, you’ll want to look for signs that your floor may need an upgrade.


When your hardwood is scratched, refinishing may be a good choice for these floors, but if your floorboards are bowing or sagging, that’s a good indicator that you should replace your floors.


When carpet gets stained, matted, and broken down, you may need a replacement. Carpet cleaning and doing your best not to break down fibers will extend the carpet’s life, but if it is more than ten years old, it will probably need to be replaced because normal use breaks down the carpet fibers.


Laminate floors can get cracked or peeled, especially when cheap laminate floors have been used. These are good signs that your floors need replacement. Additionally, gapping or uneven floors are hazardous and unsightly, so getting new floors is not just an aesthetic choice but a safe choice.


Stone floors can last a long time, so with proper maintenance and cleaning, your floors can look good for decades. Spills and cleaning agents can soak into the floors and make them look worse, so sealing the stone properly makes a huge difference in the floor’s life. You may notice that stone floors get stained and dingy, indicating that it’s time for an upgrade.

Ceramic Tile

It’s very easy to see when your ceramic tile needs work. When you have chipped or missing floor tiles, it will be pretty easy to see that you need an upgrade. You’ll also want to look for scuffed or dingy tiles. Bowing on the floor is always a sign of a problem you should address.

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