Which Flooring Type Offers the Best Return on Investment?

December 9, 2022

Does flooring increase home value? If you’re just about to construct your home or if you’d like to make some major improvements to it, don’t merely get any kind of flooring. Get ROI flooring.

Flooring considered “ROI” is the kind that yields the most value for your investment. And because it makes up a significant amount of space in your property, it makes sense for you to give it a lot more thought. 

Here are some flooring types that offer you the best value for your money. 


Did you know that hardwood flooring can bring as much as 1.5 times return on investment? Not only that, but it makes for a great choice because of the wide variety of style options it offers. Whether it’s a quaint, little cabin, a modern apartment, or a sprawling mansion, you can find a hardwood type that fits your aesthetic. 

And with proper maintenance, it can even last you for many more years to come, further adding to your property’s value. 


Bamboo flooring has grown to be a very popular flooring option, thanks to its high quality, durability, and sustainability. It’s also very cost-efficient, which only adds to its appeal.

Bamboo flooring comes in different finishes, so you can find the right one for your tastes. You can even apply the flooring planks on stairs as well for a cohesive overall look. 

Ceramic Tile

If you want more texture and dimension to your flooring, invest in ceramic tiles. What makes this a great option is that the material looks to be of much higher quality than the typical vinyl or laminate variety. 

With intricate design options, you can easily complement it even with a plain rug or carpet, too, for added depth to the space.


Don’t be too quick to pass up laminate flooring. It may be the cheapest, but that doesn’t mean it offers the least value in quality. The great thing about laminate flooring is that it can mimic other styles. 

You can select designs that look like ceramic tiles, mosaics, hardwood, or even marble. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain, which gives great value for your money. Laminate flooring comes highly recommended if the budget is tight, without compromising style and quality. 

When it comes to your flooring needs, make sure to work with a professional company like All American Carpet. Make the right investment choice in your flooring. 

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