Waterproof Vinyl Flooring: What You Should Know

November 29, 2022

What is waterproof vinyl flooring? There are many things you should know about it if you are trying to have it installed in your home. Read on to find out more, including the pros and cons of waterproof vinyl flooring.

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring 101

Why choose waterproof flooring? First, vinyl flooring is a common choice. If you have a household full of pets or children, this type of flooring is the best option for almost every room in your home, including the kitchen and bathroom.

Waterproof vinyl flooring is indeed waterproof, but maybe you are wondering if this type of flooring would hold on if your home were to flood. Waterproof vinyl flooring simply means that the water on the top will not have an impact on the vinyl flooring, nor will it lead to any damage. Spills are likely to happen if you have a house full of children and pets. Vinyl flooring is the best option for any room that is at risk of a lot of spills or has running water.

Another good thing about waterproof vinyl flooring is that it is available as tile or plank. They can easily be glued down on the floor or installed loose. If you are interested in DIY projects, this is probably the perfect renovation to participate in. Vinyl flooring is available in various styles and designs, making it similar to ceramic, stone, and hardwood options.

With anything, there are, unfortunately, disadvantages to each. If you do select vinyl flooring in your home, you should probably stick with it for the long term. This is because vinyl flooring is not easy to remove in the event you were to change your mind later on. If you feel as if vinyl flooring is only going to be installed on a temporary basis only, you should probably not use glue to install it. This will make the removal process easier later on.

With larger homes, using glue tends to be the best solution. Also, consider repairs when you are installing vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring that clicks together during installation may not be easy to repair if it were to get damaged. Glue-down flooring is a lot easier to repair.

Another downside of installing waterproof vinyl flooring is that it is extremely delicate, even though it is pretty tough. With that being said, you should be careful with dropping objects on it, including knives or anything else sharp, since it can easily damage your flooring. Avoid chairs with metal legs, or make sure to install cushions under the legs to avoid damage.

Final Word

While waterproof vinyl flooring is a good option for a busy household, you still must do your research. Waterproof vinyl flooring is perfect for those who plan to keep it for many years. They come with a host of benefits but can also have minor drawbacks and become easily damaged if not careful.


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