Which Flooring Type Offers the Best Return on Investment?

August 12, 2022

Which Flooring Type Offers the Best Return on Investment?

If you are thinking about new flooring for your home, you probably have some questions. Those could be questions such as: Does new flooring increase home value? Or you could have questions regarding flooring return on investment values. Don’t worry; choosing the right flooring for your home isn’t as complex as it sounds.

Welcome to All American Carpet Inc. We are a locally-owned and operated business serving the Bakersfield area since 1993, and we can help. Here is a quick overview of which flooring type offers the best return on investment.

Hardwood: The Tried and True

The value of hardwood flooring is one of the most trusted and reliable available. The truth is, hardwood flooring is also one of the oldest and most tested types of flooring around too. The verdict, hardwood maintains approximately 70% to 80% of its value.

Laminates: Steady and Strong

Laminates and vinyl flooring are the more affordable options and offer excellent value for the cost. While these flooring options may not afford the durability of some others, they do offer benefits like easy cleaning and water resistance, along with many pattern and design options. Laminate flooring options traditionally provide a higher resale value than vinyl options too.

Natural Stone: Worth Its Weight in "Stone"

From marble to polished stone, natural stone flooring is easily one of the most durable flooring options around. It is also one of the more expensive options, but the return on investment may be the payoff for getting this beautiful flooring option.

Porcelain/Ceramic: Tough to Beat

The benefits of porcelain and ceramic flooring make it the perfect option for areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Well-maintained ceramic flooring also holds approximately 70% of its value.

Carpeting: A Good Cover

When it comes to the flooring return on investment, carpeting is like a new vehicle, it loses most of its value once it leaves the lot. While the decline in value of carpet flooring isn’t quite that severe, the carpet will lose its value over time. 

New carpeting is a great way to boost the appeal and value of a home if it is going on the market. It also provides an easy and effective way to replace bad flooring or worn and dirty carpeting.

Does new flooring increase home value? In most cases, the answer is yes. However, the answer to the flooring return on investment question involves a few more variables. The right flooring, though, will add to the value of your home and your life and offer more than merely a return on your monetary investment.

At All American Carpet, we don’t just specialize in residential remodels. We also offer a full line of commercial and property management products to suit your business needs. Contact us and talk to one of our experienced sales associates or visit our showroom today! 

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