What Are the Different Kinds of Wood Flooring?

June 10, 2022

You can never go wrong with hardwood flooring. It is upscale, elegant, has natural beauty, and complements any decor, whether traditional, modern, country, or contemporary. You can also install it in almost all rooms in the house. In addition, you have options. Let us look at the different types of wood flooring.

Solid or Engineered

Solid hardwood flooring is made of solid wood throughout, and its thickness is about 5/8" to 3/4". Because it is all wood, you can sand and refinish it many times. However, because it gets affected by changes in humidity, it is not a good choice for below-grade basements.

Engineered wood, on the other hand, consists of layers of plywood and hardwood glued together. This type of flooring is ideal for any area in your home, including below-grade basements.

Unfinished or Finished

Unfinished flooring is a great option if you want to apply a custom stain on your wood before finishing. After the staining and installation, a few coats of protective finish are applied, and the floor is ready. There are different types of hardwood floor finishes, including wax, oil, and polyurethane.

Finished hardwood flooring comes from the manufacturers while ready to be installed.

Types of Wood To Consider

Here are the different woods you can consider for your flooring project.

Oak Flooring

Oak hardwood flooring is the most common, accounting for about two-thirds of all hardwood flooring installed in America. It is durable, comes in various shades, and can be stained to meet your preferred style.

Maple Flooring

Marple is perfect for contemporary spaces as it has a light, natural finish that gives it a clean surface. Its grain pattern is subtle, making it ideal for large and open spaces.

Brazilian Cherry

It has a reddish-brown or russet color, and its grain pattern is somewhat coarse. Its acclimation period is slightly longer than red oak, and sawing through can be challenging because of its high density.


Cork is available in various shades, from light and dark. Its grain pattern is very different from other types of wood. It has become popular due to its sustainability and durability.


Technically, people see bamboo as grass. However, because of its hardness, it is considered wood. One of the reasons bamboo has grown in popularity is because it is seen as a green building component. Plus, the fact that it grows really fast compared to other woods makes it sustainable.


This almost black wood is from Africa and hence difficult to get a hold of. It has grown in popularity as an accent wood and can be difficult to cut through, hence requiring carbide tools.


Bubinga is also an African wood with fine grains that saws quite easily. It is burgundy in color and splits easily, especially if nailed using machine tools. So you only use hand-hammering when working on it.

At the All American Carpet Inc., we can provide you with different types of woods in various stains, finishes, and patterns. Our team also offers the best installation services, leaving your floors looking impeccable. If you want to make a statement in your home using wood flooring, visit us today.


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