What’s the Difference Between Sheet Vinyl & Vinyl Plank Flooring?

April 25, 2022

You look at your worn-out, stained carpet and think, "There has to be a better option." You do some research into flooring types, compare durability, cost and the overall look of your home. You’ve narrowed it down to sheet vinyl flooring and vinyl plank flooring. 

How do you know which to choose? Let’s discuss vinyl plank flooring versus sheet vinyl flooring. The pros and cons, and some information about the two.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring vs. Vinyl Plank Flooring

Similarities Between the Two

Both forms of vinyl flooring are completely waterproof and most types are made of virgin vinyl. This type of flooring is wonderful for a high level of traffic, perfect for families with kids and pets. The vinyl material is exactly the same when talking about vinyl plank flooring and sheet vinyl flooring. This is the end of the similarities, however.

The Differences Between Sheet Vinyl Flooring and Vinyl Plank Flooring

Despite being made of the same material, there are some basic differences between sheet vinyl and plank vinyl flooring. Sheet vinyl comes on a large roll, similar to linoleum flooring. It is generally installed in one big sheet that covers your area or room, with no detectable seams.

Plank vinyl flooring comes in a plank style similar to laminate flooring and is installed one plank at a time, to create a hardwood-styled look. Vinyl plank flooring has a sturdy fiberglass backing attached to it, whereas vinyl sheet flooring does not. Vinyl sheet flooring has to be rolled out before being installed, which means it’s impossible for it to be rigid in nature.

Is One Better Than the Other?

Ultimately, both types of flooring are the same material. However, vinyl plank flooring is certainly superior as it relates to the ease of installation. Installing vinyl plank flooring is quite do-it-yourself-friendly. Since the vinyl plank flooring comes in small planks, you can easily install it yourself. There is no need to hassle with a professional installation if you prefer to save money on that. The planks easily click together and create a smooth, seamless surface. You won’t have to worry about peeling around the edges or bubbling of the flooring during your installation.

Sheet vinyl flooring tends to curl up over time and, since there aren’t any planks, it will be very obvious that the curling flooring is not actual wood or stone. However, with vinyl plank flooring, the planks are very noticeable, are textured, and will make the flooring look very authentic, whether you’re talking about wood or stone. Vinyl plank flooring is a wonderful choice for anyone wanting the look and feel of natural flooring but who also wants the option of water resistance and improved durability.

Overall, I feel the better choice between the two is the vinyl plank flooring. It’s easier to install, it looks nicer and you don’t have nearly as many issues with it down the road, in terms of looks. Check it out today!

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