Tips for Protecting Your Flooring Over the Holidays

December 20, 2021

The holidays are a joyous time, but the season can put a lot of pressure on your flooring. The influx in guests over the holidays often results in dirty carpets, scuffs, tears and other damage. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to protect your home from the negative effects of high foot traffic on flooring.

Below, we’ve provided many flooring tips that will help keep your floors looking great throughout the holidays:

  • Ask guests to remove their shoes: Shoes of all kinds can easily damage flooring, especially hardwood floors. Dirty shoes can also leave stains and bring in bacteria. You can do your flooring a world of good by setting up a shoe rack or politely asking your guest to remove their shoes before stepping into your living room.
  • Design a festive sign: If you’re worried that your guests won’t take the hint upon seeing a pile of shoes near the door, make a sign. The holidays offer the perfect opportunity to create a festive sign that’ll put your guests in the holiday spirit while informing them about house rules.
  • Go ahead and clean your carpets: You don’t want guests seeing a stained carpet, so be sure to thoroughly clean your floors before the holidays. That means vacuuming away any dirt and other debris caught in your carpet’s fibers. You should also scrub the flooring in your bathrooms and kitchen. Just be sure to avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage your flooring. If you want to save yourself some time and energy, consider investing in professional carpet cleaning service.
  • Clean your carpets after the party as well: High foot traffic on your flooring can still result in stains, even after requesting that everyone take off their shoes. In the midst of a holiday party, it’s easy to accidentally bump into someone and spill one or both of your drinks. It’s important to take care of these stains as quickly as possible by giving your floor another thorough cleaning after guests leave.
  • Keep guests in the same area: Roaming guests can track dirt and spill crumbs everywhere. Avoid this by making sure everyone stays in the designated party area. Keep your bedroom doors closed so everyone knows to stay out. You can even set up a few baby gates so guests know which areas to avoid.
  • Invest in a runner or decorative rugs: Rugs and runners make keeping the kitchen clean much easier. You can easily throw a stained rug into the washing machine to clean it. Cleaning a stained tile or wood floor, on the other hand, requires a bit more time and energy. You could even purchase holiday-themed rugs to make your kitchen more festive.

Don’t let high foot traffic during the holidays destroy your flooring. Follow the flooring tips mentioned above, and keeping your floors clean this holiday season will be easy.

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