How to Choose the Right Commercial Carpeting for Your Business

October 21, 2021

Need new carpet for your business? Commercial carpet is much different than that found in most residential homes, since it has to stand up to much heavier foot traffic. Read on to learn the most important considerations to keep in mind as you select the right commercial office carpet for your business.


When choosing industrial carpets for your business, durability should be a key consideration. As you’re browsing your options, look closely at the product specifications, especially the pile density. The higher the pile density, the more durable it will be in a commercial environment. Look for a density rating of at least 5,000 or higher for areas that see heavy foot traffic. If your facility sees super-heavy traffic, look for a rating of at least 7,000.

Color considerations

The color of commercial office carpet you choose for your space matters, whether you’re renting the building to tenants or you’re using it yourself for an office or retail space. Choosing the right color can actually save you money, resulting in less frequent cleanings and replacement. Dark or neutral colors are often the best choice, since they hide stains well, while lighter colors require cleaning much more often.

That doesn’t mean that you should forget about light colors altogether—they’ll simply require a bit more care. Again, take into account the traffic patterns of the space and the potential for stains, and choose colors accordingly.

Fire ratings

While carpet is rarely the actual source of fire in commercial buildings, it can be a factor once a fire has started. There are two main fire ratings commercial property owners need to be aware of: the NBS Smoke Chamber test and the ASTM E-648 Radiant Panel test. Choose carpets that have an NBS Smoke Chamber test rating of over 450 – these carpets create less smoke during a fire.

The second rating, the ASTM E-648 test, divides carpet into two classifications: Class I and Class II. Generally, most commercial buildings, including offices, require Class II carpeting, but you should always ask your carpeting provider whether any local building codes override these requirements.

Appearance and pattern

The look of your commercial space says a lot to your customers and your employees alike. Work with a flooring professional who can help you select the style and pattern that’s best for your overall interior design and company image. Keep in mind that a clever way to hide inevitable stains and spills is to choose a style with a pattern. Carpets with even just a bit of a repeating pattern are able to hide soil and traffic patterns much better than solid-color styles.

When it comes to choosing industrial carpets for a commercial space, there really is no one-size-fits-all solution. Take the performance of various carpeting styles into account, as well as your budget and aesthetic concerns, as you make your decision. Contact All American Carpet Inc. for expert guidance on carpet variation. We can help you find the right balance of style and durability based on your individual needs.

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