Waterproof Vinyl Plank vs. Ceramic Tile: What You Need to Know

September 8, 2021

Luxury vinyl and ceramic tiles are two of the most popular flooring choices these days. Both materials provide a beautiful appearance for any room in a home, and choosing between the two can be difficult. To help make your decision a bit easier, we’ve put together this helpful post to explain the benefits of vinyl flooring.


The first thing a flooring professional will bring up when talking about vinyl is luxury vinyl plank flooring durability. Ceramic tiles are prone to chipping or cracking, especially if something heavy falls directly onto the floor. Luxury vinyl will never chip or crack, and it’s incredibly resistant to scratches. Plus, properly installed luxury vinyl is waterproof, making it an ideal pick for bathrooms or kitchens.


If you’re looking to install new floors without breaking the bank, be sure to consider luxury vinyl. Vinyl flooring costs up to 40 percent less than ceramic, and you’ll get the same high-quality look and feel with luxury vinyl as you would with ceramic. While we don’t recommend installing floors on your own, installing vinyl can theoretically be a DIY project if you’re looking to save some more money.


As we touched on above, one of the benefits of vinyl flooring is that it looks just as good as an all-natural material. Because vinyl is essentially a high-quality photograph of a material printed on a durable plank, you can choose a vinyl plank that looks identical to a pricy ceramic tile.


Installing new floors can be a real pain, but that’s not the case with luxury vinyl. Vinyl floors can be installed directly on top of the existing floor, so there’s no need to rip up what’s already laid down. Installation for vinyl floors is up to 60 percent faster than it is for ceramic. Again, we don’t recommend DIY installation, but it’s a project you may be able to tackle in a weekend with some help.


Laying down ceramic tiles is a messy practice. Ripping up the original flooring before laying tiles kicks up a ton of dust and debris, and then there’s still the hassle of hauling out the old floors. There’s hardly any prep work required for vinyl, so it’s a mess-free installation task.

Wait time

You’ll need to wait a few hours or even days for the grout to cure after you lay down ceramic tiles. That’s not the case with luxury vinyl. Your floors are ready to be walked on as soon as the installation is wrapped up.


There may come a day when you want to redecorate your home or update the flooring. That can be problematic if you have ceramic tiles—they’re difficult and messy to remove. Luxury vinyl is easy to remove and replace if you decide to remodel.

Talk to our team about your flooring options

Whether you’re interested in installing waterproof vinyl floors now or you’d like to learn a little bit more about your choices, call our pros at All American Carpet Inc. We’re standing by to answer any of your questions about luxury vinyl plank flooring durability or to start installing your new floors.

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