How to Keep Your Floor Safe from Indoor Plants

August 4, 2021

Indoor plants are all the rage, but getting dirt in your carpet is the least appealing part of being an interior gardener. How do you protect your flooring from indoor plants, especially if you have kids or pets?

Protect your floor from plants

Here are a few tips that will ensure your carpet, tile, laminate and hardwood stay clean and fresh—even if your giant ficus gets knocked over by a grumpy cat:

  • Never drag your plant pots: Although indoor plants can get big—and heavy—it’s important that you never drag your plant pots across the floor. This can lead to nicks, scratches, dirt trails and other unpleasant messes. Save yourself some cleanup time by asking a roommate or friend to help you lift and move the plant. (Don’t forget to bend from your knees, not your back.) This will ensure your floor stays pristine, no matter where Mr. Monstera lives now.
  • Use protective bases for plant saucers: As you may already know, plants need good drainage when they’re growing in pots. Terra cotta pots are usually a great choice, especially if they come with a matching saucer. However, a plant saucer isn’t going to be enough to protect your floors, especially if it’s also made of terra cotta or other porous materials. The excess water you pour into your plant pots will eventually drain out into the saucer. In turn, the saucer will absorb that water. That can leave stains, water rings and major water damage on your floor. Phil the Philodendron would never want your home value to plummet just because he needs to be fed. Put a protective cork, plastic or other base underneath the saucer to protect your floors.
  • Quit overwatering your plants: Speaking of water damage, it’s time for you to stop overwatering your plants. You might associate watering with caring for your plants, but at a certain point, it does more harm than good. Look up the care and feeding instructions for your specific type of plant, then set reminders to water them. Otherwise, you risk overwhelming them with too much love—and your floors will suffer as a result.

Best types of floors for plant lovers

If you’re going to put plants on the floor, try to opt for spaces that won’t harm your floors. For example, nonporous ceramic or porcelain tile is a great choice for plant lovers. You’re less likely to experience water damage, and if dirt or water gets on the ground, it’s a snap to clean up.

Hardwood and carpet are the worst choices for unprotected plants. Wood floors can warp, stain or leave other signs of visible damage, while wet carpet can get moldy and dirty. If you have to place your indoor plants on this type of floor, take great care to protect the flooring with plastic saucers or other solutions.

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