Top Kitchen Flooring Trends for 2021

November 23, 2020

The past year has been hard on all of us, but one upside of spending so much time at home is that many of us are looking into those projects we’ve been putting off forever. Maybe you started growing tomatoes or making furniture, or perhaps you’re finally getting around to that kitchen remodel as the new year approaches. If you’re like most people, it’s been a while since you’ve looked into something like this, so it’s a good idea to check out the latest kitchen floor trends in Bakersfield, CA to make sure you can get the look you’re going for.

Non-standard parquet/boards

One of the top 2021 kitchen flooring trends in Bakersfield, CA that’s sure to be a conversation starter is using irregularly-shaped and -sized boards if you’re creating a hardwood or parquet-style floor. Boards of different widths and angles can be laid together to create a cohesive floor that easily attracts the eye and surprises every guest. It can also offer a look that’s impossible to replicate, making your kitchen truly one of a kind. Finally, this style can even help make the room appear larger if it’s applied correctly (namely by using lighter finishes of wood that expand the space).

Unusual flooring finishes

There have never been more finishing options on the market than there are right now, and many are looking to be hot trends over the next year. For starters, hand-scraped wood is an increasingly popular choice. Flooring professionals can use special scrapers to weather the wooden boards they’re laying down, especially vintage painted ones. This will give your kitchen a contemporary and chic look that perfectly fits current trends.

You can also opt for an oil finish that will show every wonderful variation in your wood floor. Oil penetrates the pores of wood and reveals all of its textures. It requires periodic care, but it creates a warm and inviting look for your kitchen space.

Light-colored floors

As appliances and cabinetry have trended toward darker colors in recent years, flooring has gone in the other direction. The latest kitchen floor trends in Bakersfield, CA emphasize lighter colors that make the other parts of the room really pop. However, lighter doesn’t have to mean monochrome. You can opt for the parquet options discussed above, or you can use a lighter hardwood finish like honey or gray to give yourself a usable base color. Lighter colors also make any space appear larger and more inviting, which is exactly what most people are looking for when they redesign a space like a kitchen.

Remodeling or reimagining a communal space like the kitchen requires some research and advance thinking. Picking the right materials is the first step to giving your room the look you desire, and learning about all the latest kitchen floor trends in Bakersfield, CA is a great way to get acclimated to the lay of the land. If you’re looking into new flooring options, All American Carpet Inc. offers everything from hardwood to laminate and beyond. Give us a call today to learn more.

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