The Best Flooring for Allergy Sufferers

August 27, 2020

Every day can be a nightmare for an allergy sufferer. All of the pollen, ragweed, dust and pet dander floating through the air make eyes water and noses run, and could even cause breathing issues. One thing a lot of people don’t realize is that those allergens aren’t just in the air—they’re also embedded in our flooring!

Since allergens can get trapped in the floors, it’s essential to choose the best flooring for allergy sufferers in Bakersfield, CA the next time you buy flooring for your home. Continue reading to learn more about your flooring options:

  • Hardwood: The best flooring option if you have allergies is hardwood. Since it’s a hard surface, dust, mold spores, pet dander and other contaminants can’t get trapped in the flooring, improving indoor air quality throughout the home. What’s more, hardwood floors are easy to keep clean.
  • Cork or bamboo: Like hardwood, cork and bamboo floors are natural, allergy-friendly options. They’re also a lot less expensive than hardwood, so they’re great for allergy sufferers on a budget. Just be advised that cork and bamboo are not as water or damage resistant as hardwood.
  • Tile: Another great flooring option for asthma sufferers in Bakersfield, CA is tile. Since contaminants can’t penetrate the hard and flat surface, the indoor air will be as clean as possible. Since they’re highly water resistant, we recommend using ceramic or porcelain tiles for your bathroom.
  • Low-pile carpet: If you absolutely must have carpeting in your home, make sure you choose a low-pile carpet. Although allergens can still get trapped in the fibers, they’re much easier to remove if the pile is short. That said, we do not recommend any carpeting for those with severe allergies.

Controlling your indoor air allergens

Choosing the best flooring for allergy sufferers in Bakersfield, CA can help reduce your allergy symptoms, but to get the problem totally under control, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Vacuum regularly: Anyone who has carpeting in their home should be using the vacuum on a regular basis. We recommend vacuuming a few times a week to lift any allergens that are stuck in the carpet fibers. Although it may be time consuming, this chore will help everyone in your house breathe easier.
  • Sweep and mop: Along with vacuuming, make sure you’re sweeping and mopping your tile, hardwood or laminate floors. Sweeping and mopping will eliminate any contaminants before they’re able to float up into the air and cause respiratory problems. On top of sweeping and mopping regularly, be sure to spot-clean any messes as soon as possible.
  • Close the windows: Pollen, ragweed and other outdoor allergens often get inside through open windows. Prevent them from entering your home and getting trapped in the flooring by closing those windows! If you must keep your windows open, invest in window screens that effectively filter allergens.

Stop living with allergies and buy new flooring from All American Carpet Inc. today! From hardwood to vinyl, we carry all of the best flooring for allergy and asthma sufferers in Bakersfield, CA.

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