Blinds vs. Shutters? We Carry Both in Bakersfield, CA

July 14, 2020

Are you torn between choosing blinds or shutters in Bakersfield, CA? There are many options to shade your windows from the sun and make your home look even nicer, but there are certain pros and cons to each choice.

The main difference between the two is how they’re installed. Shutters are installed on the window frame itself, to add stability, while blinds are usually installed indoors inside or above where the window is fitted. If you can’t decide between the two, read on to learn about the advantages and drawbacks of blinds vs. shutters in Bakersfield, CA, then visit All American Carpet Inc. We carry high quality blinds and shutters suitable for any type of home.

Should I choose shutters?

  • Lasts decades: While blinds typically have a lower price tag than shutters, they also don’t last as long. In fact, your shutters could last as long as 50 years if you care for them properly, making them a great investment if you plan to stay in your home for years to come.
  • Harder to install: Shutters are more complicated to install than blinds, but they also have a sturdier structure that will last longer. As long as you work with an experienced installer, you should have great and cost-effective results.
  • Great for energy efficiency: Reducing energy bills is a great incentive for most homeowners, and shutters block so much light and heat that you should see a noticeable difference.
  • Great light control: If you want near-blackout conditions, especially in the morning, opt for shutters. They’re also great for privacy.
  • Easier to clean: Because of their sturdier structure and larger slats, shutters are much easier to clean than thin blinds.

Would blinds be a better fit?

  • Lower price tag: Blinds have a lower price tag, so this is a smart choice if you’re not planning to stay in your home forever. Blinds typically last five to 10 years if cared for properly (and if you don’t have pets who think they’re a fun new toy).
  • Easier to install: Since blinds aren’t intended to be permanent, they’re far easier to install and remove than shutters.
  • Helps with energy efficiency: While shutters are superior at helping boost your energy efficiency, you can’t count out blinds—they’re also very effective at blocking out light and heat. You’ll notice a difference installing blinds rather than dealing with shutters alone.
  • Less light control: Even the nicest and most expertly installed blinds will still let some light in. If you’re a sensitive sleeper or just want to keep things as dark and cool as possible, shutters are a better way to go—but if you’re in a temporary space and need to block out the light and heat, blinds are a great choice.
  • Harder to clean: Finally, blinds are thin and harder to clean, so you will spend more time dusting and wiping them down.

Whether you’re interested in shutters or faux wood window blinds in Bakersfield, CA, make sure you visit All American Carpet Inc. today to check out our selection!

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