Things to Consider When Choosing New Flooring for Your Home

February 26, 2020

A few decades ago, shopping for new floors was relatively easy. Your options primarily just included hardwood, tile or carpeting. That’s not the case anymore! There are dozens upon dozens of durable flooring options in Bakersfield, CA on the market, making your decision that much harder. This helpful post will teach you a few of the things to look for the next time you’re shopping for new flooring:

  • Traffic flow: The first thing you’ll want to consider with your new flooring is traffic flow. If you’re adding new flooring to a high-traffic area—like a kitchen, bathroom or foyer—you’ll want to choose flooring that can withstand all of those footsteps without falling apart. Waterproof vinyl, hardwood or tile floors are all good high-traffic flooring options in Bakersfield, CA.
  • Maintenance demands: Before you make a purchase, keep in mind how much maintenance your new floors will require. Hardwood looks great, but all of the work that goes into keeping up its appearance can be too much for homeowners to handle. We typically advise homeowners to go with floors that require less maintenance, as very few people want to spend hours each week caring for their flooring.
  • Lifestyle: Homes full of rambunctious kids and pets have much different flooring needs than those without. If you have young ones or pets, be sure to install scratch-resistant floors, as they’re sure to see some heavy wear and tear over the next few years.
  • Color and style: You’ll want your new floors to complement the appearance of the room in which they’re being installed. Picking out the wrong flooring can drastically alter the appearance of your space, which is why it’s essential to try different options. Bring home plenty of flooring samples to see how each looks in your room.
  • Lighting: How much natural light does your home get on a given day? If it’s a lot, then you might want to consider going with darker flooring to prevent glare. On the other hand, a home that’s dimly lit could benefit from lighter-colored floors. All of our high-traffic flooring options in Bakersfield, CA come in a variety of colors to meet your needs.
  • Future updates: If you’re like most homeowners, adding new floors won’t be the last update you make to your house. Consider what you might plan on upgrading or redoing in the future that could affect how your floors look. For example, painting a room a new color can drastically affect the look of your floors.
  • Budget: Last, but certainly not least, you have to keep the cost in mind. While you don’t want to skimp on flooring and get the cheapest option, you also don’t want to overspend. Our advice is to shop around and see what kind of deals you can get at different flooring stores.

Be sure to shop at All American Carpet Inc. the next time you’re buying flooring materials for your home. In addition to a variety of durable flooring options in Bakersfield, CA, we provide low-interest financing for buyers with good credit scores.

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