Four Common Types of Tile Flooring in Bakersfield, CA

November 19, 2019

If you’re planning your first tiling project, get ready to encounter many different types of tiles. There’s porcelain and ceramic tiles, and even stone tiles that work well in homes. Let’s find the right tile for you! Below are four common types of tile flooring in Bakersfield, CA.

Ceramic tile

Of all the types of tile found in homes, ceramic tile seems to be the most common. Homeowners like ceramic tile for many reasons, but mostly because it works extremely well for all sorts of applications. Another pro is its durability. These tiles are durable enough to go in any room—including bathrooms, kitchens and entryways—and they look good in the process. Folks in the tile business know that ceramic tile is easy to install, clean and maintain, and it comes in numerous styles that can work with any design. If you’re on a budget, ceramic may be the right choice for your project.

Another thing to note is the difference between glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles. Unglazed ceramic tiles result in a more rustic, artistic finish, while glazed tiles provide better protection to ensure longer lasting floors.

Porcelain tile

Another common type of tile is porcelain, which is not the same thing as ceramic tile. Porcelain is readily available and has a knack for mimicking natural stone, wood or brick, but without as much need for maintenance. People love the fact that porcelain tile floors offer a beautiful finish without the upkeep or weathering, and the fact that it’s an all-purpose tile. Choose from a variety of styles, colors and designs, all of which allow for versatility when designing a space.

A DIY installation can be tricky, but not impossible. When laying down this type of flooring, experts want to remind you to not forget to apply an adhesive.

Cement tile

Cement tiles have been on the scene since the 19th century and are currently experiencing a big boom in popularity. Many homeowners are incorporating this versatile material into their home interior design projects, coming up with unique patterns in a variety of colors.

On the plus side, cement tiles are extremely porous, meaning a patina can develop over time to enhance the original pattern. Like wood flooring, cement floor tiles can be sanded and resealed if they get discolored. One drawback of cement tiles is the fact that they are hard to lay and must be resealed on a regular basis. It’s also best to use these tiles in low-traffic areas and in small quantities.

Marble tile

Marble tile is one of the more expensive flooring options. That said, it’s worth the cost to add such beauty and class to the spaces in your home. It also offers texture and depth, whether veined or patterned. Laying down marble tile in spaces like bathrooms or kitchens immediately upgrades the appearance of the room, and boosts home value as well. However, marble tile flooring does require a lot of upkeep to maintain its looks, and it can easily be stained and scratched.

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