Choose the Best Office Flooring Ideas and Options for You

July 31, 2019

An office floor needs to both meet the style of the business and provide functionality. You want the floor to last for years to come with minimal care required, while still appearing beautiful. There are plenty of options out there for commercial flooring, so it can be a bit tough picking the right one when you’re remodeling in Bakersfield, CA. Let’s take a look at which option might be best for your business:

  • Ceramic tile: This is an aesthetically pleasing option that also brings strong durability. It’s a great choice for high-traffic areas. It’s relatively easy to clean, and stains are virtually a non-issue. However, tile can be a bit noisy if the work environment needs to be quiet.
  • Carpet: This has been a popular option in offices, as it dampens noise and provides a quieter environment. This is also a good choice if workers are going to be spending a good portion of their day on their feet, as it’s softer than many other materials. The drawback is that it will require daily vacuuming by maintenance personnel, who will also be responsible for keeping it stain free. One option that many businesses are taking advantage of is carpet tiles, which can be swapped out more easily.
  • Stone: While it’s not going to work for every office, stone offers a unique look. With a protective coating, it’s less likely to be scratched and stained, though it will still require regular care. The attractive look of stone flooring comes at a higher price than other flooring options, which is why many businesses don’t use it.
  • Laminate: Here’s a good choice if you want the aesthetic of wood or stone flooring, but balk at the cost. Layers of laminate can protect from moisture, and a protective coating will ensure that it remains undamaged. Laminate does need regular cleaning and maintenance.
  • Hardwood: This flooring option is durable and doesn’t require much maintenance or care. There are many options within the hardwood category, from oak to bamboo, which you’ll want to consider. Businesses that work with outside clients like hardwood because it provides ambience and shows a certain level of class. Modern finishes can protect wood from damage from moisture, scratches and stains. This is a leading option among many businesses today for both its appearance and its functionality.

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