Tips for Cleaning Floors and Tile

June 25, 2019

When you invest in new tile installation in Bakersfield, CA, you get to enjoy fresh, clean floors like you probably haven’t seen in years, which is why that first spill or accident after tile installation can be such a disappointment. And even if you’re not visibly dirtying your new floors, weeks of dirt and grime can build up almost imperceptibly, until you realize that your new tile floors are not as shiny and new-looking as they once were. Take a page from the experts with these tips for cleaning your tile and other floors, so you can keep your floors looking shiny and new for much longer:

  • WD-40: You may not have considered bringing in this tool from the garage to clean your floors. If you’ve just shined your wood floors with polyurethane, you may feel they’re a little too shiny. A small amount of WD-40 on a soft cloth can help tone down the greasy shine.
  • Ammonia: Ammonia can be a great cleaning tool for a number of different hard floors. If you’ve recently gotten a new tile installation in Bakersfield, CA and are looking for a way to keep it looking clean and fresh, try a solution of ammonia and water. This can be a great tool for killing mildew on bathroom tile, as well as removing wax buildup. Let the solution sit for three to five minutes, then scrub it off with a plastic scouring pad to remove old wax. Remember to rinse the floor thoroughly.
  • Pencil erasers: A pencil eraser can be a great tool for your floors. For black streak marks left by shoes, among other things, an eraser can help with removal.
  • Lighter fluid: If a pencil eraser doesn’t work, try using lighter fluid, which can remove heel and shoe markers. Pour some on a paper towel for an easy way to wipe them right off the floor.
  • Steel wool: Steel wool can be another great tool for removing rubber sole marks, especially on vinyl floors. Moistening the wool pad can be even more effective.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar can be a helpful solution for soap scum and water spots, especially for bathroom tile and surrounding surfaces. Use a mixture of vinegar, ammonia, borax and water to scrub dingy tile and bring back the brightness.
  • Tea: A common household item that you may not have considered a cleaning solution for your floors is freshly brewed tea. It’s a great gentle cleanser for wood floors. Let the brewed tea cool before dipping a cloth in the solution and using it to wipe away dirt and grime.

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