How to Choose the Right Color for Your Carpet Flooring in Bakersfield, CA

May 29, 2019

As far as home decorating goes, carpeting is considered one of the most difficult features to decide on. There are so many styles, patterns, fiber types, levels of quality, brands and, of course, colors to choose from. In fact, choosing a color of carpet is by far the most difficult decision for many people. It’s hard to visualize the color covering a large surface by simply looking at a little swatch!

Is the color of your carpet really that important? Yes, it is! The carpet color can change the feel of a room as well as alter your mood when you are in that room. And don’t forget that you will have wasted money on materials and installation services if you decide soon afterwards that you just hate the color. Consider how carpet color trends are likely to change over the years, and go for something neutral if you’re not picky.

With all this in mind, we recommend taking your time selecting a color you know you will love today and for years to come. Here’s how to choose the right color for your carpet flooring in Bakersfield, CA:

  • Choose other room décor colors first: Whether you have a blank canvas to work with or an already furnished room, it’s better to select fabric colors for furniture and drapes first. The sofa style you love or must get might only be available in a few colors, while carpet has numerous options. Also, it’s easier to match the carpet to the existing colors in a room. Wall paint should be picked last, because paint has an unlimited color selection.
  • Neutral colors: Neutral colors are very popular in the carpet world. Carpet colors like warm grays and muted beiges, browns and greens are less intrusive than bright colors, but make a big impact in a room. They are also available on all textures of carpet. If you don’t already know, you will soon find out that wall-to-wall carpeting is expensive (provided the materials are of high quality and the installation is completed by professionals). Unless you can afford to replace your carpet every few years as your likes change, your best bet is to choose a neutral carpet color from the beginning.
  • Flecks in the fibers: Along the same lines as carpet colors are Berber flecks. Essentially, you get a flecked color all over your carpet instead of a solid color carpet, which is perfect for those who are looking for a way to incorporate some personality into their carpet. A flecked carpet also hides dirt and small pieces of debris quite well. A special note on Berber flecks is that they are typically found in neutral colors, with darker neutrals used for the flecks.
  • Lifestyle: Before deciding on a carpet color, be sure to consider your family and your lifestyle. A busy household with multiple adults, kids and pets, or a house used as a place of business, is going to have heavier foot traffic than most other homes. Avoid white and super light colors—opt instead for dark colors that can mask stains and dirt.

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