Nylon vs. Polyester Carpet

March 11, 2019

When shopping for carpeting, people often begin by looking at the styles and patterns of carpeting available. Where you should actually begin your carpet shopping, however, is by deciding what material of carpeting you want for your home.

Nylon and polyester are two of the most commonly used types of carpeting. Which material you choose for your home depends on your needs and lifestyle. If you’re trying to decide between polyester and nylon carpet in Bakersfield, CA, here’s what you need to know.


Perhaps one of the main questions we’re asked is about the difference in cost. Overall, nylon is the most expensive synthetic fiber to produce and, therefore, costs significantly more than polyester. This may not always be the case, depending on the overall quality of the carpet. For example, a low-quality nylon carpet may cost less than a top-quality polyester carpet.


The feel of a carpet can often be the main reason people choose a particular fiber. Whether you decide to go with nylon or polyester, you can get an exceptionally soft carpet, thanks to advances in synthetic fiber technology. Both nylon and polyester carpets are made with thinner, finer strands, which makes both fibers quite soft to the touch, without a noticeable difference between the two.


Polyester is generally less durable than nylon. Nylon is considered the most durable synthetic fiber on the market. Due to nylon’s resiliency, its fibers can literally bounce back even after years of foot traffic. Polyester, on the other hand, tends to begin to show wear much sooner than nylon. For high-traffic areas in your home, nylon is likely going to be your best choice.

Stain resistance

After durability, the next most important factor to consider is a carpet’s stain resistance. In this category, polyester comes out on top. Polyester is a hydrophobic fiber, which means the fiber repels liquid. Nylon, on the other hand, is very absorbent and often soaks up liquid before you may have a chance to clean up a spill. Thankfully, both nylon and polyester carpets can be treated to make them more stain resistant. It’s important to note that, because of its absorbency, nylon is able to better hold its color. When nylon is solution-dyed, the color goes completely through the fiber, which makes it more stain resistant and fade resistant.


Another determining factor when choosing carpeting is whether or not its eco-friendly. Polyester is considered the more “green” fiber compared to nylon. Polyester is often made from recyclable materials. Nylon is now also recyclable, which helps to keep the carpet out of landfills. Nylon, thanks to its durability, can potentially sit in a landfill indefinitely. While polyester and nylon can both be recycled, polyester is considered the more eco-friendly option of the two.

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